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Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton, CPA, CEPA, exit-planning coach, and business systems expert based in New York.

Greetings! I’m Linda Hamilton, and I am excited about sharing resources and exploring opportunities to systemize your business. Improving systems and processes and building team culture are the best ways to scale a business and build value.

When I read the SYSTEMology book, I loved the approach to creating systems. Many business owners come to me because they’ve tried to systemize in the past and either failed or became frustrated with out-of-date and complex systems no one follows. I made it my mission to help as many business owners implement SYSTEMology as I could. I believe all business owners deserve a business that can run like clockwork, creating financial and personal independence.

I leverage and pair my certifications in exit and succession planning, systems, CPA, and business planning so you get a holistic view and approach. I frequently serve as an exit planning coach and collaborate with teams of advisors providing insights into your business so you can analyze and diagnose.

As a CPA, I have been working with business owners for more than 30 years. I am particularly passionate about empowering female business owners, guiding them towards success through business coaching around growth and profitability, mastermind groups, and the comprehensive Grow, Profit, Scale system. This system is designed to get business owners to look at their businesses differently, challenge assumptions, and create a roadmap that is strategic and tactical.

Reach me on Linkedin, Email, or book an intro call to learn how I can help your business with SYSTEMology or Creating a 1 Page Exit Plan.