1-Page Business Growth & Profit Plan

Don't Follow A Map To A Destination You Never Wanted To Visit.

The one-page business plan's power is in how you learn to link goals, strategies and action plans so that every goal in your plan is tied to your vision, mission and why your business exists (your personal values). If you do not have a direction, you may end up with a company that's totally different from the company you're trying to build.

Create your 1-Page Business Growth & Profit Plan using the Grow Profit Scale™ process.

The One Page Business Plan makes planning actionable, flexible, and simple. Unlike long business plans that sit in a drawer gathering dust, the One Page Business Plan is user-friendly, strategic and tactical. Your plan is a clear roadmap on a single page that will help you move the needle on your goals and drive your business forward.

At the end you will understand:


What are you building? What do you want your business to look like in 3 years or 5 years? How much revenue? What are your key products/services and who are your customers?


Why does your business exist? Who are your ideal clients and how do you serve them? Why do you want to serve these clients? What is the benefit to the client/customer?


What critical business results will you measure over the next 12 months to make your business successful, to grow, and to have greater profits?


How will you build your business? Set limits on what your company will and won’t do over the years to come.


What major business-building projects will you focus on to get there?

Stop Doing It Alone

A written business plan makes it easier for other people to help you - advisors, internal team, contractors and more. My One-Page Business Plan makes it easier to communicate what you're trying to achieve and how they can help you.